What Sets Us Apart

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At the Toronto Spine & Sports Clinic, we take patient care and success very seriously. As such, we provide our patients with a very comprehensive multi-faceted treatment protocol to address all of the components our patient’s condition. In doing so, we will not only enhance the healing process, but you will attain better spinal stability and ultimately creating lasting results!

So what is involved in your care?

Customized Treatment

Although, patients may have been told that they have a disc herniation or spinal arthritis, people’s bodies will react differently to these conditions. Some patients may be more sensitive to the pain, others have a higher pain threshold, some patients may be overweight, some underweight, etc. These are all important factors that must be taken into consideration when designing a course of treatment.

Due to the above reasons, we perform a very comprehensive history, orthopaedic and neurological examination on each and every patient.

In addition, we exam all MRI’s, CT and/or X-Rays so that we have a thorough understanding of your condition and know exactly what disc level(s) to address so that we can design a specific treatment protocol tailored to you. By designing such a custom treatment protocol, we are able to provide you with the highest probability of recovery.

Sophisticated Treatment Technology

A major component in achieving our success, is the treatment technology that we use. As stated above, we provide our patients with the most advanced state-of-the-art TRUE Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression technology available on the market today to maximize your recovery.
Sophisticated computer treatment precision and our continuous computer patient monitoring system is used in our technology. In fact, our treatments are so precise that approximately 80-90% of treatment forces are applied to your problematic disc directly. Thus, by being able to focus your treatments so directly on the problematic disc, quicker and more thorough healing can occur.

As already mentioned, our treatment technology enlists a highly sophisticated and continuous computer monitoring system that monitors our patients at a rate of 17 times per second. Thus, if our computers detect that your body is guarding (i.e going into a protective spasm), the computer will make instantaneous changes to the treatment so that your body continues to be in a constant state of relaxation and comfort. In fact, despite how much pain you may be in prior to treatment, most of our patients fall asleep under care.

Advanced Disc Recovery with Nerve Cell MAX

To enhance and accelerate healing, the Toronto Spine & Sports Clinic has formulated a proven ALL-NATURAL ERS – Decompression Pack blend (which is unique to our clinic) to rehabilitate both your damaged spinal discs AND damaged nerve cells.

It’s called Advanced Disc Recovery with Nerve Cell MAX

Because of the close proximity between the vertebrae (i.e. spinal bones) and the exiting spinal nerves, if you have damaged the disc (i.e. disc herniation, degenerative disc disease, spinal arthritis, etc.) the spinal nerves will often be damaged as well.

Symptoms of nerve tissue damage include: Weakness, burning & tingling in your arms/legs. In addition, in coordination and muscle wasting of your arms and legs. Lower back nerve damage can cause visceral and reproductive issues (e.g. erectile dysfunction and bladder weakness).

Thus, in order to provide more complete healing, it is vital that both the vertebral discs AND nerve tissues are addressed.

It is for this reason that we are the only clinic that has formulated the Advanced Disc Recovery with Nerve Cell MAX (TM) which has been specifically designed to accelerate disc rehabilitation AND nerve tissue regrowth while under our Spinal Decompression therapy. By doing so, we are able to not only to aid in creating a stronger spine for you, but also optimized nerve tissue function as well – hence, more thorough healing.

Spinal Muscular Retraining Exercises

As disc herniations, spinal arthritis, failed back surgery and degenerative disc disease becomes more chronic and abnormal in the untreated person, the surrounding musculature that supports these damaged areas becomes more and more dysfunctional. As such, this musculature carefully needs to be reconditioned to support the rehabilitative corrective changes that we make to your spine.

For this reason, we monitor our patient’s progress very closely while under care. Timing is crucial. As your body begins to heal, targeted and lesion specific rehabilitation exercises will be prescribed at specific times during your rehabilitation program. These target specific exercises will retrain your muscles to maintain proper support and flexibility for your newly healed spine.

After Care Reassurance and Follow-up

After you have completed your spinal rehabilitation program, we will still monitor you to ensure that your spine and its surrounding soft tissue structures are getting stronger and are stabilizing.

In addition, we will provide you with steps to maintain the results that you have achieved so that you can maintain your newly active lifestyle!