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In the spine there is a system of nerves, including the spinal cord and several pairs of spinal nerves, that is the most important system in the entire human body. These nerves connect the most important part, the brain, to every single part of the human body and allow communication between them. The brain of course is the master ‘computer’ of the body and all the information needed to stay healthy and fit is housed there. The nerves are the ‘cables’ that attach the brain to the body.

When a vertebrae (or several of them) are out of alignment they can put pressure on these delicate nerves of the spine and cause the communication between the body and the brain to be diminished and, over time, completely absent. What happens then is that the body parts that can’t communicate with the brain begin to break down. This can cause pain at first but, over longer periods of time, will also cause deterioration and disease.

When a Chiropractor gives a patient a spinal adjustment the vertebrae that are out of position will slowly begin to go back to their normal position and the pressure on the nerves will dissipate, as well as the symptoms that the misaligned bones are causing. In time the nerves will fully heal as will the part or parts that were suffering.
The simple fact is this; the body can heal itself if there is no interference in the nervous system.

Chiropractors take away the interference and this lets the body do what it does best, heal itself.