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Corrective Care

If you’re coming in for corrective care you will more than likely be initially coming fairly frequently and in some cases every day.

This of course depends on the severity of your spinal problems that you have and other important factors.

Corrective care is extremely important because during this time your body will begin to heal and your spinal bones (the vertebrae) will begin to move back to their original position and curvature.

Corrective care is probably the most important time that you will spend with the Doctor and his staff because it is during these adjustments and therapies that your spine and surrounding tissues like ligaments and muscles will heal the most. Progress during this time is usually fast and you’ll be starting to feel much better and as your body begins to heal, the frequency of your visits will lessen.

It’s important to keep up your visits during this time because your body and spine are changing rapidly and you don’t want to upset that process.