What are trigger points?


Trigger points would be the areas of your system that are extremely sensitive. Usually when they’re touched, trigger points are painful, increase stiffness in muscles and limit motion. A trigger point will seem like a tight knot within the soft tissue that lies underneath your skin. Trigger points generally form due to poor posture, exertion, stress or even an illness including fibromyalgia.



What is Trigger point therapy ?


Trigger point Release treatment therapy is work on a trigger point in the muscle.  This is often a ‘contraction’ of the muscles that will not release.  By traversing to a massage therapist they are going to manually release the trigger point through massage.

There are types of trigger points.  Active (primary) trigger points are sore and therefore are most likely why the customer is going to see their massage therapist.  Latent trigger points usually are not sore  before the therapists applies pressure for them.  The last one is satellite(secondary) possess a referred pain pattern that follow a nerve pathway.

Many folks have or get trigger points from heavy-lifting, sleeping wrong, stress, injury or accidents. By seeing your massage therapist they are able to help relieve you against these nasty things therefore making you feel human again.

Trigger point Release treatment therapy is another type of massage therapy like reflexology. Benefits of all therapies are same but working difference. This treatment therapy is used to handle trigger point pain which can be placed in muscles. The trigger points produce pain locally in addition to often referring pain  along with other areas. Trigger point use a number of qualities. They may be classified as active/latent as well as key/satellites and primary/secondary.

There are two different trigger points:

1. Active trigger points These points bring about pain when they’re pressed, but don’t cause pain in other parts in the body.

2. Latent trigger points These points cause pain when they’re pressed but tend to also injure in other parts from the body. For example, a trigger point in the neck might cause pain within the back when pressed.


If trigger points usually are not looked after, they are able to develop into satellite trigger points, the word given to trigger points which have spread in the original source. Satellite trigger points evolve into more painful symptoms.


How can trigger point Release therapy help fibromyalgia?


Trigger point Release therapy has been confirmed to be very good for fibromyalgia sufferers. Fibromyalgia is really a disease that causes various tender areas within the body. These sensitive spots often cause muscle stiffness, pain along with other discomforts. This is why trigger point Release therapy is usually a successful strategy to those with fibromyalgiafor the reason that treatment allows you eliminate the tender areas as well as the resulting symptoms. The following is how trigger point Release therapy actively works to help fibromyalgia sufferers:

Decreases the stiffness in muscles

Improves motion range and flexibility

Encourages circulation to permit the body to heal

Reduces anxiety and depression

Trigger point Release therapy should just be performed by a professional therapist who may have previous knowledge about treating fibromyalgia. Furthermore, it’s a wise decision to tell the therapist the actual location where you stand feeling pain, so that they are able to focus the treatment on these specific points to offer you the best relief.

If you aren’t ready for trigger point Release therapy, and have considered trying something first that does not involve a therapist, consider trying relaxation techniques.

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